— A Waryas, EVP & CHRO @ The Boston Red Sox

I had the pleasure of working with Joe Pothier for several years at The Boston Beer Company and later as a client at The Boston Red Sox.  Joe excels in the talent acquisition and development space.  He’s run effective searches at all levels and takes complete ownership and accountability of this work.  Just as skilled in the search space as he is in managing various organizational improvement projects to drive value to the business.  He is able to build strong relationships both internally and externally across all levels and personalities.  Joe has a versatile skill set and is a true asset, business partner, and friend. 

— Kara Blumberg, SVP Professional Services @ HireVue

“Joe is a trustworthy and visionary leader who brings a balance of collaboration, experience and unique insights to each HCM customer engagement. His ability to partner with clients and executives to overcome multi dimensional organization and development challenges while providing world class services is second to none.”

— L Boynton, Director of HR @ The Boston Beer Company

Joe is a very talented and proactive HR partner.  I worked with Joe for 5 years at the Boston Beer Company and was a partner with him during his time at HireVue.  Joe’s energy for all things in the talent spectrum is contagious.  He is a dedicated and strategic talent acquisition partner who is able to marry the needs of the business with the short and long term needs of individuals and teams.  Joe’s talents extend well beyond the talent acquisition space into building strong programs to support major business initiatives and drive goal attainment.  Joe is able to partner across all different industries, functions, and people to achieve the desired end state.  I welcome the opportunity to continue to work with Joe. 

— C Luman, COO & Co-Founder @ TrustRank

I have had the pleasure of working with Joe as a vendor at Boston Beer and colleague at HireVue for over a decade.  I’ve served as a mentor and boss to him and have seen first hand his ability to lead and serve fortune 100/500 clients as a consultant and strategic business partner.  Joe’s Customer Success, HR and Talent Management acumen is tested and proven. His ability to understand and apply digital technology to fit unique company culture and business needs is progressive. He has lead and coached Senior HR professionals to push their skills, think out of the box and innovate. I highly recommended Joe and look forward to working with him again in the future.  

— J McGurl, Director of Benefits & Wellness @ HP HOOD LLC

I have had the pleasure of working with Joe for many years in various capacities. As an internal Human Resources talent acquisition expert, he was able to cultivate relationships and deliver results with effective and efficient methods. When he transitioned to a client management role with Hire Vue, he brought his talent acquisition expertise and adapted it to help other employers utilize technological and metric driven tools to achieve their goals. I would highly recommend Joe to any organization who is trying to elevate their human resources department potential.

— J Davies, Managing Director, Financial Services Industry

"Alison is extraordinarily well placed to work with senior leaders across any industry. Having risen to the highest levels of management in Investment Banking, she has a unique understanding of the challenges and stress related to transacting as a corporate leader, the desire to act with integrity whilst all the corporate forces are pulling you in the opposite direction. My career has been shaped by Alison's thoughtful,insightful direction. I continue to rely on Alison's wisdom and discretion and will happily be a reference site for anyone considering initiating a coaching relationship."

— K Moss, CEO, Energy & Power Industry

“I was introduced to Al through a director in my company. He suggested visiting her, as she had a rare mixture of conventional executive management coaching skills from her days as a COO in one of the major banks combined with an incredible capability to assess your emotional landscape in minutes.  This allowed for a parallel assessment to develop through the session that precisely hit the points to be addressed and solutions created. Leaving on the first day was like a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders.  By session three I was programmed for success. I eliminated all the fears, emotions and negative thoughts and replaced them with clear visions of what needed to be done by when and how. Al plotted a course with me to achieve all the goals I set over the next month and was there for me as I implemented them by phone or mail. She is a great support and unique in all my years as an executive helping deliver key solutions in improving me and my company's future.”

— K Leivers, Director & Owner, Healthcare Industry

“My experiences with Alison have been profound. They have opened me up to skills and perceptions that are adding new dimensions to both myself and my business. I have noticed a significant difference in the ways I see and interpret both the people and projects we work with. This has led to a tangible change in emphasis for the business and as a result we are starting to reap the benefits. We have definitely seen a step change in the quality and value of our work. Personally, I feel as if I have made quantum leaps in both my life and business management skills as a result of my individual coaching sessions with Alison.”

— JLW, Director, Producer, Writer, Film Industry

"There are coaches - and then there are coaches of the calibre of Alison. With an intimate knowledge of the subconscious and formidable intuition, Alison is able to work with clients on any area of their lives where they feel stuck to help identify the patterns, habits and repetitive blocks holding them back and piece together the jigsaw to return to wholeness. Authentic, precise and a facilitator of life changing capabilities, Alison is a godsend to the world of coaching."

— A Fisk, Consultant & Entrepreneur, Financial & Food & Beverage Industries

"Alison is a fantastic coach. Alison's advanced communication and emotional intelligence allow a person to get to the root of the issues that create blocks to progress in business and life. Alison is able to create a safe dialogue that allows a person to push themselves and their work/business by offering guidance and insights that culminate from her significant experience in business."