Developing the uniqueness and talent of each individual serves the whole.

Siblings, we are two of six. Raised in a large family, we learned first-hand that investment in one’s individuality serves the team, family and organization. Today, sharing common values with different strengths, skills, approaches and applications, we benefit from each others’ diverse ideas, insights and experience.

Having attained excellence in our corporate careers and a mutual passion for developing talent, we have now joined forces to form Black Diamond HR Consulting. Working in partnership, we leverage over 40 years of combined expertise in business and talent strategy, management and development to help our clients succeed.

Living on separate coasts, our services extend from East to West … and overseas.

“To confidently carve a path forward when the landscape isn’t clearly lit, conditions feel uncomfortable and the ground beneath one’s feet feels tenuous requires expertise born out of experience.”
— A Pothier


Built from the foundations up.

We learned to ski in the dark … on the ice … in the cold.

Plowing down the slopes with our skis in a wedge, we honed our skills … to master the Black Diamond.

Carving separate paths from the same mountain, we combine our skills to help clients navigate the elements and tackle the moguls lining their path to success.