Meet Alison Pothier

Managing Partner

“Achievement is not necessarily fulfilling, but fulfillment is certainly an achievement.”
— Alison Pothier

Executive Coach . Strategic Consultant . Talent Specialist

Featured alongside world leading visionaries including Sir Richard Branson, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jack Canfield and others in the Choice Point Movie, Alison is an extraordinarily unique Transformational Coach and Consultant.

Previously a Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer with 15 years global experience in the investment banking industry, Alison is now an executive and personal coach, consultant and group facilitator focused on transition and transformation.

Serving a diverse audience of private and professional individuals and organizations, Alison helps those navigating profound periods of change. Whether arising out of a need for growth and expansion, advancement and acquisition, contraction and outplacement, restructuring or fulfillment, Alison believes that change happens from the inside out. Drawing on a wealth of industry and entrepreneurial experience, she works with leaders and clients to evolve core beliefs, key perceptions, emotional framework, congruent communication, authentic contribution and confidence to grow beyond perceived limitations and barriers to success … at work … and at home.  

Beginning her career at JPMorgan on Wall Street, Alison spent 20 years working in London as Global Head of eTrading in Futures and Options. Recruited into UBS, Alison then became Managing Director and COO in Futures and Options before exiting the investment banking industry to follow her passion for working with leaders wishing to establish better and brighter futures and options for themselves and their organizations.

In parallel to her investment banking career, Alison founded Inside Out Retreats, a center dedicated to personal development. Now living in Malibu, CA, Alison coaches clients globally, hosts retreats, writes novels and produces short-form documentaries. Reflecting her commitment to her own transformation, Alison’s pursuits aim to support those seeking personal fulfillment through inspired and authentic contribution … in their lives and careers. Her vast experience and multi-dimensional approach to human excellence, expedites the average coaching process.